Dr. David Cameron Thanks The Westerly Hospital

Thank You, Westerly Hospital, for Saving My Life

On March 19, my motor scooter hit sand, slid off the road and I collided with a utility pole. Fortunately, a neighbor, who happened to be a Westerly paramedic, heard the crash and came right over and found me not breathing. He opened my airway, got me breathing again, and called 911. The response of the police, fire, and ambulance corps was prompt and efficient.

Usually this type of trauma gets a Lifestar flight to Providence, but both helicopters were out on other calls so I was rushed to The Westerly Hospital Emergency Department. Dr. Whit Fisher determined that there was no time to transfer me to a trauma center, as blood was filling my abdomen and my chest, collapsing my lungs. I needed surgery immediately.

Surgeons Dr. Paul Bourguignon and Dr. Jeff Christian placed chest tubes on both sides, and quickly removed my spleen. At the same time ENT specialist and my partner Dr. Jeff Feldman and ophthalmologist Dr. David Rivera repaired my left lower eyelid which had almost been torn completely off. Anesthesiologist Dr. Chris DeSantis kept me alive but asleep for these procedures. Eight units of blood later I was stabilized (thank you blood donors).

Dr. Whit Fisher, Dr. David Cameron, Dr. Michael Niles

Dr. Whit Fisher, Dr. David Cameron, Dr. Michael Niles

Thanks to the sharp eye of Radiologist Dr. Nick Niles, my spinal fracture was quickly diagnosed by CT scan. I was transferred up to Rhode Island Hospital within 24 hours of the accident to have my spinal cord decompressed and the fracture repaired.

After three months of intensive physical therapy, I can now walk again and I am back at work. I have made a remarkable recovery with the support of this community. I would not have made it without the world-class care that I so promptly received at The Westerly Hospital. On behalf of my entire family and from the bottom of my heart: Thank you, Westerly Hospital!”

David Cameron, MD
Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, Westerly Hospital