Together, we will:

  • Care for patients with compassion, outstanding service, and respect for their specific needs;
  • Collaborate as professional colleagues working with integrity, accountability ,and respect;
  • Support and inspire each other bringing out the passion for caring within each of us;
  • Maintain the trust and confidence of our patients and community every day.


Westerly Hospital provided me with the resources I needed to get me on my feet as a new nurse, and to feel confident in my critical thinking and nursing skills. The orientation offered educational days where I learned about all the different departments that function together to provide excellent patient care. More experienced staff members were always eager to help with new skills or to solve problems when obstacles arose.

— Rachel Denise, RN

I enjoy working in the Intensive Care Unit at Westerly Hospital because of the many challenges I am faced with that accompany having the responsibility of supporting critically ill patients physically and emotionally. I truly believe it takes a team rather than a single person to care for a critically ill patient, and due to our perfected teamwork skills here in the ICU at Westerly Hospital I appreciate being part of that team.

— Matthew Willard, CCRN

I work here because after thirty years, I feel like I’m working in my own neighborhood when I walk down the halls. Staff and patients feel “at home here”. The building and its occupants are familiar, comfortable, calming. I have worked in medical care, maternity and now endoscopy and ambulatory care. I have been trained as a Lactation Consultant, small bowel capsule studies and preadmission testing. I have personally been treated for cancer here and then was trained to give chemotherapy to others. I have loved growing in and with this hospital for the past 30 plus years and you cannot beat the commute-22 minutes.

— Deborah Abad, RN